The River

On the bank of the river,
your skin glowing blue white in the moonlight,
I hold your hand once more
while fireflies dance around us
to a symphony of water slaps and crickets.

Then a smile,
a kiss,
a hand caressing my cheek,
an eternal moment lost in your presence.

You remember our first embrace
on these banks, so long ago.
I watch the memory play through your eyes,
the hypnotic rhythm of a thousand pulsing green lights
drawing me deeper into your vision.

You tighten your grip on my hand
as if to keep me from floating away,
but I know it’s time to go.
Reluctantly, I stand.

The crickets blend into a single note that pierces my skull
as your fingers relax their hold,
as you hand slips down by your side,
as your eyes close for the last time.

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